Directship Order fulfillment - Web Version

Directship Order fulfillment - Web Version

Directship Order fulfillment - Web Version

Order fulfillment and processing are critical elements for our Directship sellers. In our commitment to enhancing efficiency, we provide sellers with two options for fulfilling orders: either through the app or via the web. Using the web will empower sellers to seamlessly process and hand over orders to noon for prompt delivery to customers.

Requirement to start fulfilling orders using the web version

To ensure smooth order fulfillment, we recommend sellers have the following infrastructure:

  • 2D Barcode Scanner: Essential for scanning QR codes of AWB numbers. If unavailable, AWB numbers can be manually entered.

Note: You can also type the AWB number directly for shipment creation if you do not have a 2D scanner.

How to switch from App to the web version?

  1. Click on "Fulfilled by Partner" and then select "Warehouse." Choose the desired warehouse and click "Edit" in the Order Fulfillment section.
  2. Select "Web" from the platform dropdown, and save settings.
  3. Confirm the switch by checking the "Web" tag next to the warehouse name under the DirectShip tab.

Note: Some important points to remember with the web version option

1. The seller can enable their warehouse either on web or on the mobile version of order fulfillment but not on both.

2. This feature is only applicable for DirectShip orders only. For DirectShip picklist model the sellers need to get in touch with the seller support team for further assistance.

How to fulfill an order using the web version?

To fulfill orders using the web version follow below steps:

  1. Click "Fulfilled by Partner" and then "Directship."  "."
  2. Go to the "Pending" tab, filter by "Pending" status to view unprocessed orders.
  3. Click "Create Shipment" for each order.
  4. To cancel, click "Action" then click on"Out of Stock."
  5. Start fulfilling: "Create Shipment" then click on"Add" for each item.
  6. Optionally, add serial numbers (follow guidelines below).
  7. Manually enter or scan serial numbers.
  8. Click "Continue" after updating serial numbers.
  9. Add/scan shipment number, ensuring items fit in one package.
  10. After shipment creation, click on "Action" to manage issues incase is the shipment is damaged or lost.


-Make sure your warehouse at the top has changed to a web version before starting fulfilling orders using the above steps.


Serial number Considerations:

A serial number is a unique identification assigned by the manufacturer to each product. For example, identical iPhones will have distinct serial numbers.

-Updating the serial number is optional but recommended.

It facilitates a hassle-free warranty process, record-keeping and claim purposes.

-The system accepts alpha-numeric serial numbers.

-Only hyphen (-) is accepted as a special character.

-The system won't accept the serial number if there are any spaces in the value provided.

-If you are manually entering the serial number make sure to press Enter on the keyboard to link the serial number. If you are scanning the serial number it will be automatically linked to the product.


Package Considerations:

Ensure all items in a specific order fit in the same noon package.

If the packaging is too small, use multiple packages and split the items in the pop-up accordingly.

How will shipment be collected?

Shipment collection is a straightforward process once your shipments have been created on Noon. If you have set your handover preference to "Pickup" in the warehouse settings, Noon will take care of assigning a delivery associate to collect your shipment. Here’s how you can monitor and manage the pickup process:

  1. Navigate to "Fulfilled by Partner" and select "Directship."
  2. Look for your shipment under the "Pending" tab. Here, the status "Pickup Requested" indicates that the collection process is initiated.
  • Note: The scheduling of the pickup depends on both the availability of the pickup agent and the processing time associated with your warehouse.
  1. When a pickup agent is assigned to your shipment, the status will update to "Pickup Assigned." At this point, the contact details of the pickup agent will become available.
  2. To find the driver’s contact information, click on "Driver Contact Details." This action provides you with the means to directly call or message the agent via WhatsApp, facilitating easy coordination for your shipment pickup.

How to create a manifest and handover the shipments?

Once the shipments are created the next step is to handover the shipments to noon. Depending on your preference, noon will either collect the shipments from your location, or you can drop them at your nearest noon hub.
Before you give the items to noon, you need to generate a manifest that lists all the shipments that will be handed over by following the below listed steps:
  1. In Seller Lab, click "Fulfilled by Partner", then "DirectShip".
  2. Click the "Pending" tab, then click the "Manifestation" button.
  3. Click "Create Manifest" on the top right corner, enter the number of the shipment you will handover, then click "Save Changes" to complete the creation of your manifest.
  4. After generating your manifest, click "Print QR Code". You'll see a pop-up showing the manifest details and QR code that you'll need print to present to noon upon handing over your shipments.
  5. If needed, you can edit the number of shipments by clicking “Edit”, and add the correct number of shipments that you are handing over and then click “Save Changes”.

Common errors encountered during order fulfillment

During the order fulfillment process, you may encounter errors that disrupt the flow. Below are common issues and steps to resolve them:

  • DirectShip Picklist Orders:
  • Issue: The web version is only applicable for orders under the DirectShip model. Errors may occur if attempting to process orders under DirectShip picklist tab using the web version.
  • Solution: Contact the seller support team at They will move the warehouse from picklist to the regular DirectShip flow, allowing you to use the web version for order fulfillment.

  • Unverified Contact Details in Warehouse Settings:
  • Issue: Unverified phone numbers or email IDs used for warehouse creation can prevent editing details in Warehouse settings.
  • Solution: Verify the contact details in the warehouse setting using OTP. Refer to the warehouse creation article for guidance on verifying contact details. Once verified, you can edit order fulfillment and handover preferences.

That’s it!

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