Ordering your Packaging Materials

Ordering your Packaging Materials

Ordering packing materials for your products is now more convenient with our streamlined process on the Seller Lab. This guide will walk you through the steps to efficiently order the materials needed for safely packing your orders before shipping.


1. The packing materials will be delivered within 5 days.
2. The packing material fee is listed on the Seller Lab for visibility purposes only. However, you won't be charged for the packing material.

Ordering Packing Materials from the DirectShip Tools

Follow the below step-by-step instructions to order your packing materials:
  • Accessing the Service:

    • Go to the Seller Lab.

    • Click on the Fulfillment Tab.

    • Select 'Packing material' to begin your order.

  • Address Selection:

    • Click on 'Order Packing Material' for address options.

    • For first-time orders, select 'Add New Address'.

    • Enter your warehouse location details.

    • Pinpoint the location on the map or type it in.

    • Click 'Confirm Location', then 'Save Address'.

    • Note: Verify the accuracy of the delivery location.

  • Choosing Your Packing Materials:

    • Browse and select the required packing materials and quantity.

    • Add your selections to the cart.

  • Completing Your Order:

    • Once all materials are in your cart, click 'Continue'.

    • Review your cart contents and click 'Place Order' to submit your order.

  • Confirmation of Your Order:

    • Receive an order confirmation message with a reference number.

    • Anticipate delivery within 5 days.

That’s it!

Got questions?

Contact us at seller@noon.com 

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