How to receive RTV shipments using the Supply Chain External app

How to receive RTV shipments using the Supply Chain External app

The Supply Chain External app is a mobile app that you can use to process orders and to receive your RTV shipments when delivered by noon's logistics team. The app is currently available for Android phones, and will soon be released for IOS. Click here  to download the Supply Chain External app. 

How can I receive my RTV shipments using the app?

Any member of your team that has a Seller Lab user account can download and use the Supply Chain External App to your receive RTV shipments. The details of each user that receives your RTV shipments using the Supply Chain External Application will be recorded, and will serve as a proof of the delivery of your RTV shipment. 

It's very important to register on Seller Lab all employees who will be responsible for receiving your RTV shipments. This will allow proper tracking of deliveries and resolution in case any issues arise. noon won't be liable for the loss of any RTV shipments that have been received by your registered employees on Seller Lab.

For more information about how to login on your Supply Chain External App, click here.

Managing returns via the Supply Chain External app?

Use the Supply Chain External app to receive all your RTV shipments when delivered by noon.

Ensure all "Giving manifests" are closed before starting a "Return manifest";
otherwise, you won't be able to receive your RTV shipment on the app.

To receive RTV shipments on the app, simply follow the below quick steps:

  • On the Supply Chain External Application, tap Receiving.  
  • Tap scan the manifest QR code available on delivery associate's phone.  
  • Click “Accept Manifest”.
  • Click Confirm.mceclip0.png
  • Click Begin Unpacking, and start scanning the packages one by one.
  • Close the manifest by clicking Complete Packaging. 


How can I report issues in the Supply Chain External app?

You can report any damaged items you received directly on the Supply Chain app by following the below listed steps:

  • Once done scanning all packages, tap the (+) sign  then Report Damaged Pkg. The camera will open so you scan the AWB of the damaged package. 
  • Tap Capture Pictures to add up to 2 pictures of the damaged item, then tap Upload Pictures. Pictures are mandatory to address your dispute.
  • Then tap “Submit report”.
  • Finally, raise a dispute on Seller Lab after reporting the damaged item.


How can I create a dispute on Seller Lab?

You can create a dispute ticket within 14 business days from the day of receiving the return.

- Under Fulfilled by Noon, click Transfer and the click on Done. Finally click on View.

-  Click Create Dispute


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