FBN - Packing and Delivery Policy

FBN - Packing and Delivery Policy

FBN shipments (Local, Cross Border or Import) should mandatorily follow the below guidelines to avoid QC rejections. These guidelines apply equally for small-sized parcels or a full truck load shipment.

Shipment Preparation

1. Shipments should be palletized and appropriately wrapped 

2. Every pallet should have the Pallet ID/Pallet Number and the ASN number should be clearly mentioned on the pallets.

3. Shipments delivered in loose boxes should mandatorily have an identification number or the ASN number mentioned.

4. Each box should have units belonging to one ASN only. Avoid mixing boxes of different ASNs in a pallet as this may lead to confusion and rejections at Inbound QC.

5. If the shipment comprises of multiple SKUs, then one box should have only one SKU in it. Multiple SKUs will lead to segregation issues causing mixup, also the same SKU should not be mixed around multiple boxes.

6. In case multiple SKUs are mixed in a single box, we strongly suggest to bundle each SKU using a poly bag or elastic band.

7. Adhering to the safety regulations, pallet height should not exceed 1.8-2M. Exceeding the limit will lead to issues during unloading and handling.

Check details on FBN Shipment Packaging.

Barcode Requirements

We use barcodes to identify, store and ship inventory from our fulfillment centers. These barcodes serve as a key for any products being listed at noon. All the products sent to the fulfillment center mandatorily require a barcode. This barcode can either be a P-Barcode known as partner barcode or a manufacturers barcode known as EAN/GTIN/UPC.

  • All products should have a scannable barcode.
  • All barcodes should have alpha-numeric/readable codes printed below the barcode.
  • The barcodes can also be in the form of QR code.
  • The barcodes must be placed and labeled on the exterior side of the packaging. 
  • Remove/cover any other existing barcode on the product using a cover up or black marker. This prevents incorrect scanning.
  • The Barcodes that are printed using the seller lab using QZ Tray printer will have these details by default. The sellers who do not have QZ Tray printers will have to print the barcodes as per below mentioned images as reference. 
  • Without a barcode the items under the shipment will not be scannable and will be rejected during QC as unidentified items.


QR Code:


Scheduling and Delivery:

1. ASN needs to be created for scheduling a delivery. Check ASN creation guidelines and process.

2. Shipments should be booked and scheduled for the particular date for the overall quantity being delivered. 

3. Sellers must carry at least 2 printed copies of the ASN (extracted from the Seller Lab) along with them during FBN delivery.

4. The Slot timing for the delivery must be strictly adhered to, deviating from the same will result in delays / higher waiting period / rejections.

5. If a shipment requires multiple vehicles/containers for delivery, all vehicles / containers should arrive at the same time.

6. We recommend that shipments with multiple containers should deliver early by 8 a.m. to avoid congestion at the dock and for hassle free offloading.

7. Sellers should collect Proof of Delivery (POD) from the dock admin at the time of delivery.

General Guidelines

1. Partners not to mix up boxes belonging to multiple shipments on a single pallet.

2. Barcodes to be labeled on the outer side of any product, shipments without barcodes will not be accepted.

3. Non-Fragile items without plastic bags or boxes can be accepted at the dock and placed in a secure location in the inventory area. In case of RTV, the seller should accept the items despite of any scratches or dirt and WH barcodes might not get peeled off and the seller should accept.

4. Liquids and Cosmetics should be packed and sealed in order to prevent leakage or damage.

5. For clothes or fabrics, packing the products in a poly bag which can be sealed is a must.

6. For packing footwear, always use the original boxes from the manufacturer and also make sure the footwear inside is always enclosed with wrapping paper all the time.

7. The boxes of footwear should be in intact condition and cannot be damaged.

Note: Multi-Component parts for bulky warehouse delivery (Sofa sets, Bed. AC units,
Tables and Chair)
should arrive with labels consisting of GTIN and the component
identifier such as 1 of 3, 2 of 3 and 3 of 3.

Pallet Stacking:


Multiple Barcodes:


Multiple SKUs in a Single Box:


Correct way of packing multiple SKUs under a box: 


That’s it!


Got questions?

Reach out to seller@noon.com

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