How to add user on the Seller Lab?

How to add user on the Seller Lab?

Adding a user will allow your team members to easily access all platforms on both the Seller Lab and the Supply Chain Application. This guide ensures you have the tools to manage your team's access seamlessly to enhance security and system efficiency.

What are the types of user you can add?

You can add different user types for efficient system management. Depending on the role of the employee, you can assign them to be an Admin or a Viewer of the store. Lets discuss the different types of users in detail.

1. User Access:

You can grant someone User Access, which allows them to log into the Seller Lab. They can use either their email ID with OTP verification or their account credentials for login.

2. Project User:

When you add someone as a Project User, you'll create their login using their name and user ID. You can set their password and how they log in. After setting this up, you give them the login details so they can access their specific project. It is mandatory to add the project user to be able to access the supply chain application for order processing. Please click here for more details about Directship Order processing.

How to add or delete a User Access?

Adding User Access

To add a user access on the Seller Lab, you can simply follow these simple steps. 

- Click on User and Access and then select  User Access.

- Click on Add New button which will open a pop-up. Update the email ID of the user and define the role to be given which can be either Viewer or Admin. Click on Save.

The new user access will be added and will be visible in the User Access list.

Deleting User Access

You can delete a user from Seller Lab if they change departments or leave the organization. This keeps access to Seller Lab up to date and secure.

You can add or delete the User Access only if you have the Admin access.

To delete the user you can follow these simple steps.

- Go to the User Access dashboard, where you'll see all added users. Click the Delete button next to the user you want to remove.

- In the confirmation pop-up click on Yes, Delete to delete the user.


How to add or delete a Project User?

If you're an organization admin or a project admin, you can add a Project User by following these steps:

Adding Project User

To add a Project User you can follow these simple steps:

- Click on User and Access and the click on Project User.

- Click on Add New button. 

- In the next page, enter the user's Display name and the email ID. You only need to type the first part of the email, as the domain is already filled in. Choose if you want to give the user  Admin access or just a Viewer access.

- Select the Login Option for the user from Password, Phone number or QR code. Then click Save to add the person as a Project User.

Deleting Project User

To remove the project user, follow these simple steps.

You can add or delete the Project User only if you have the Project Admin

- Open Project User Access dashboard, click the Delete button next to the user you want to remove.

- In the confirmation pop-up, click on Yes, Delete to delete the user.

That’s it!


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