What is DirectShip?

What is DirectShip?

DirectShip is one of the FBP (Fulfilled by Partner) models that sellers can choose based on certain criteria to manage their business operations.


DirectShip Overview

DirectShip is ideal for sellers who sell items that aren't bulky and that don’t require installation. It is a fast back-to-back operations model which requires sellers to prepare orders for fulfillment themselves. They'll have to pack items in the noon packaging and label them, then hand them over to noon for shipping. 

To process DirectShip orders, sellers will use our user-friendly app (only compatible with Android phones and tablets) that will enable them to conveniently scan packages, barcodes, and easily take pictures for quality assurance. They can then track their orders, and access fulfillment reports directly on Seller Lab.

DirectShip Order fulfillment- App

To fulfill your orders using the App, follow below steps:

1.      Start by ordering packing materials here at least one week in advance.

2.      Add a Project User who will be using the app to process orders here. Click here to know how to add a Project User on Seller Lab.

3.      Download the "Supply Chain" app here and install it your devices (only compatible with Android phones and tablets). Supply Chain App Login Guide

4.      If you receive a large number of orders, let us know and we'll activate the option to fulfill via Picklist for you. Otherwise, you can start processing all pending orders on your app.

5.      Prepare your orders and pack them in the noon packaging. Always make sure that you pack the correct product that the customer ordered and that it's in good condition. DirectShip packaging guidelines

6.      We’ll pick up your items, deliver them to customers, and manage your returns.

7.      Each order will have a tracking number which will appear in Seller Lab to simplify tracking.

DirectShip order fulfillment- Web

Sellers can also fulfill orders using the web, in order to do this they need to have a 2D barcode scanner. Sellers can switch to the web version by selecting it in the warehouse settings.

Click here to know more about fulfilling orders using the Web. 

DirectShip Volumetric Measurement Dispute Policy

Sellers can request a revision of shipment measurements recorded by noon's logistics hub. Sellers can access the DirectShip Fee report on Seller Lab, and if there are measurement discrepancies, they can raise a dispute within 14 days of the statement generation date by providing specific details and supporting image URLs. The dispute resolution process involves adjustment of fees for valid disputes, while rejected disputes are explained via email, with common rejection reasons including measurements within a 5% tolerance range and exceeding the 14-day dispute window.

Click here to know more about the DirectShip Volumetric Measurement Dispute Policy.

DirectShip Seller Dispute Reimbursement Policy

Sellers can raise reimbursement disputes related to damaged returns, wrong items returned, locked electronic devices, empty boxes, and lost return shipments. Sellers can file reimbursement claims within a 7-day window from the marked delivery date of the return shipment.

To know more about the reimbursement requirement and reimbursement grid click here.

DirectShip Picklists

FBP DirectShip Picklists is a feature that allows sellers to streamline order management, improve tracking, and enhance overall efficiency for sellers dealing with a large volume of orders. 

The feature is accessible through the "Fulfillment" tab in Seller Lab. It provides a dashboard with tabs for pending, completed, closed picklists, and lost shipments. 

To know more about this feature and what it offers click here.

Quality Control Guidelines for DirectShipping

Sellers should follow the quality control guidelines for DirectShipping that include correct brand, model, color, size, and barcode while preparing items. The quality control guidelines process involves taking pictures of items in original packaging to verify their condition. Common mistakes include sending the wrong brand or model, damaged packaging, and broken seals.

To know more about the quality control guidelines click here

Packing Guidelines for DirectShipping

The article outlines packaging guidelines for DirectShipping, emphasizing the use of specified QR codes and correct item details. It provides instructions for sealing packages securely and applying stickers for fragile or liquid items. Special handling is required for bulky and fragile items, including shrink-wrapping and strong primary packaging. Sellers can combine items in one shipment if they fit in a noon pouch, but must avoid exceeding size and weight limits. High-value items require video recording for dispute resolution.

To know more about the packing guidelines for DirectShipping click here

Ordering your Packaging Materials

Ordering packing materials has been made simpler and quicker for sellers through the Seller Lab. To initiate the process, sellers should go to the Fulfillment Tab, then select Packing Material.

The packing materials are expected to be delivered within 5 days.

To know more about how to order your packaging material click here

DirectShip Features

Sellers can monitor both DirectShip orders and DirectShip Picklists orders, accessing all relevant information in one place. This dashboard comprehensively displays pending, completed, and lost orders along with corresponding details for each order.

To know more about how to access this dashboard and the details it provides click here




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