How to Categorize your Seller SKU

How to Categorize your Seller SKU

Product taxonomy logically classifies and organizes all available products to facilitate
easy navigation of products on the site. An appropriate product taxonomy is vital for an enhanced website navigation, product discovery and user experience. Correct classification of products into the right category and sub-category enables accurate mapping of products on the front-end which enables customers to locate products with the least number of clicks. Customers purchase products through browse or search, if the products are incorrectly classified, a customer may face difficulty in finding and purchasing products which can have a direct impact on sales.

What does categorization on noon look like?

You will be required to select the relevant
  • family
  • product type 
  • product subtype

for your product. Identify the product family and within the selected family, find the best combination of product type and subtype as applicable to your product.

Selecting an accurate product classification helps provide the most relevant attributes for your product. A good practice is to browse through all the available list of options to ensure that the product taxonomy selected is the one that best describes your product and its attributes.

For assistance in determining your product category, check the
categorization guide.

Example of Family > Product type > Product subtype hierarchy


 How to categorize your product?

Categorize your products by selecting the product category that best describes your product from the given list of options on the Seller Lab. This is the first step in creating a new listing on Seller Lab
To select the category for the product you can either
  • choose the category from the given list of options
  • search for category using the search box

If you are not sure about your product’s category, then the search option is a useful feature to find the correct product category.


Select the most relevant category from the given list of options or search for it. 

In the search box, you can can search by:

  • Entering relevant product keywords that describe your product or 


Use the search feature by entering suitable product keywords for finding the relevant category, product type & product subtype. Refer to the example above.

  • Pasting the product detail page URL (PDP) from which you wish to use the category (a product that is very similar or the same to what you want to sell).


Use the search feature by entering the noon product detail URL from which you wish to select the category for your product.

 Common Listing Errors

Refer to the below table for the common errors made while classifying products resulting in rejections by the Quality Check Team.
Rejection ReasonsExplanation
Categorization - Incorrect Family

Ensure that the right family is selected for your product as product attributes are defined at a family level. An incorrect family selection will lead to inaccurate selection of product type, product subtype and subsequently product attributes. This can result in inaccurate representation and classification of your product on the site. Therefore, incorrect values will be rejected and will prevent your product from appearing on the website.

Example: Bluetooth Headphones 5.0. Black WUW-R103

Family selected is ‘Sports and Outdoors’ which is incorrect.

The correct family should have been ‘Electronics accessories’.


Example: Fall Quicker and Long Sleep Fast Acting Sleep Enhancer

Family selected is ‘Baby Product’ which is incorrect.

The correct product classification should have been:

‘Health and Nutrition > Health and Care > Sleep and Snoring’.


Categorization - Incorrect Type

This is the broader category of your actual product that defines the key attribute of your product. An incorrect selection will lead to your product being placed inaccurately on the front-end impacting the product discoverability.
Incorrect values will be rejected and will prevent your product from being listed on the website.

Example: Nylon Solo Loop Band Compatible with Apple Watch 42mm Blue

Product type selected is ‘Phone Accessories’ which is incorrect.

The correct product type should have been ‘Wearables’.

Example: Casual Front Cardigan Blazer Blue

Product type and product subtype selected is ‘Dresses’’ which is incorrect.

The correct value should have been ‘Blazer’.


Categorization - Incorrect Subtype

Product subtype is the actual product which you want to list at Noon. It helps in classifying your products more precisely enabling customers to find the desired products quickly. An incorrect product subtype will impact your product’s searchability and placement on the frontend thereby impacting customer experience.

Example: Plain Clutch Bag Black

Product subtype selected is ‘Crossbody Bag’ which is incorrect.

The correct product subtype should have been ‘Clutch’.


  How to change the category of your Seller SKU? 

If your Seller SKU gets rejected for any of the above reasons, you can simply change it directly on the Seller Lab content page. You can change your Seller SKU category for the following reasons: 
  • Your content us still pending approval -- it shows as pending on Seller Lab.
  • Your content is rejected for a categorization related reason -- it shows as rejected on Seller Lab. 

You cannot change the category of the Seller SKU once it has already been approved. 



To change the category of your product, when possible, click on the 'Change Full type' button next to the rejection reason. This will prompt you to choose a new category for your product. 


That's it!


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