How to make your FBN products live? (reactivate)

How to make your FBN products live? (reactivate)

Your FBN products may become inactive for several reasons. As a proactive measure, noon will notify you via email whenever any of your products become inactive, along with the reason for their current status. Addressing these concerns promptly is crucial to ensuring that your SKUs remain live and available to our customers on the noon site.

The most common reasons why your FBN products may go offline are as follows:

1. Your product is inactive

2. Your prices aren't within the right range

3. Your product description is incorrect or incomplete

  •  Incorrect Title
  • Incorrect Full-type
  • Incorrect Images
  • Missing Mandatory Attributes

4. Your offer is incomplete

  • Missing Price or stock
  • Missing Barcode

This article provides troubleshooting steps for each of the aforementioned reasons. These steps will enable you to swiftly bring your product back online and resume selling on noon.

You can conveniently access your Partner Catalog from the email notification that
you will receive as shown in the image below:

1. My product is inactive, how can I reactivate it?

- In Partner Catalog, move the toggle switch under Seller Status to Active in order to activate the SKU.

2. How can I ensure my price is within the right range?

If your SKU's offer price falls outside the specified noon SKU or Partner SKU price range, the SKU will remain offline.

Your product must have a valid price, otherwise, it will remain offline.

- To update your prices, click Edit, add your price, ensure that it's within the specified min/max range and Save the changes.

3. How can I address product description issues?

Ensuring compliance with noon's content guidelines is crucial when updating content. Failure to do so can result in your products being taken offline. The following outlines some of the prevalent content-related issues that may occur and how to fix them:

- In catalog clicl Live Status, then View All to access the list of content-related issues associated with the SKU.


Incorrect Title

- If your product title is incorrect, simply update it and click Save Changes. Find out more about title requirements here.

Incorrect Product Fulltype

- To fix the incorrect product Fulltype, go to Fundamental Attributes and click Change Fulltype.


- Choose the correct Fulltype in the pop-up categorization and click Confirm the changes. For additional guidance, learn more about the categorization requirements here.

Incorrect Image

- If you've uploaded the wrong image and you'd like to replace it, simply click Edit, and click "+" sign to add more images if you didn't add the required number of images to make a product live. Learn more about the categorization requirements here.

Missing Mandatory Attributes

- If your product is missing mandatory attributes, use the filter option on the content page to select Mandatory Attributes. Fill in the necessary details and click Save Changes.

4. Offer Issues

All mandatory offer details must be updated to make a product live. The most common offer related issue which can bring your products go off-line are as follows:

- Missing price

- Missing barcode

- Missing stock

To update details of your offerm, go to Live Status, click View All to access all offer-related issues.

Missing Price

- Update the Offer Price directly on the product details page tab and click Save Changes.


Missing Barcode

- You can update your barcodes directly on the offer details page, you can either scan or enter the barcode manually in the relevant field. After that, click Add Barcode, then click Save Changes.


That’s it!


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