How to request a revision of my product's measurements?

How to request a revision of my product's measurements?

The volumetric weight of your products is calculated upon receiving your inventory in noon's fulfillment centers. In case there are errors in the measurements that were taken, you can directly request a revision of your products' measurements on Seller Lab.

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Where can I request a revision of my product's measurements?

You can access the measurements of your products stored in noon fulfillment centers in the FBN Fees tab on your Seller Lab account. 

You can raise a measurement revision request on the same page by clicking the View Product Dimensions tab.

What's the process of reviewing the dimensions of my products?

You can raise a request to revise the measurement of your products on Seller Lab.

A sample product will be picked from your inventory stored in noon and will be remeasured to verify its dimensions and weight available in our records. If your product is out of stock and no longer available in noon's fulfillment centers, you can simply send us your product's measurements to, or replenish your stock so that one of your products can be used for re-measurement and verification.

Depending on the verification outcome, an update will then be provided to you on Seller Lab, and you'll be able to track the progress of your request on the Fees Disputes dashboard.

How can I raise a measurement revision request?

- In Fulfillment, click FBN Fees

- Insert the Partner Barcode of your product in the search field

- Scroll down and click Report Issue



How can I track my requests?

You can track measurement revision requests on the Fees Disputes Dashboard.

- In fulfillment, click FBN Fees

- Then click the Fees Disputes tab


Understanding the FBN Fees Dashboard

The FBN Fees Dashboard includes three tabs that allow you to track the progress and resolution of your products' remeasurement requests. The following table provides an explanation of the tabs in the dashboard, and the statuses that accompany your disputes at every stage:

Tab NameTab DescriptionRequest Status
PendingNewly placed requests that are under review, or that have yet to be reviewed.- Pending: requests that haven't been processed yet.
- Open: requests that are being processed.
CompletedRequests that have been resolved and closed.

- Closed: the items in the request have been remeasured.

- Rejected: the request is rejected due to one of the below reasons:

- Measurements within the 5% tolerance range. 

- Invalid input.

- Fees within the 5% tolerance range.

- Recently reevaluated, and the measurements are accurate.

Out of stockRequests that couldn't be processed because you no longer have stock stored in noon, and a sample product related to your request is required for measurement and verification.- Open: the request is still open because a sample product isn't available in noon's fulfillment center to be used for remeasurement.  

What do I need to resolve my request if the product is out of stock?

If your request is moved to the "Out of Stock" tab, you can send us your product's dimensions and weight at, or replenish your stock and notify us via email so that one of your products can be used for re-measurement and verification. 

In order to know the requirements to be submitted for re-measurement :

1. Click on Out of stock Tab and click on Please click here


This will pop-up a disclaimer which shows you the details required to be sent and the email ID where have to send these details.



What are the details provided in the re-measurements request?

Column Name


Dispute numberthe number of your request
Statusthe status of your request
P-barcodethe P-barcode of the disputed item
Expected measurementthe expected measurement shared by the partner for the disputed item
Disputed measurementthe measurement captured by noon's measurement system
Created Atthe date of the creation of your request
Created Bythe details of the user who created the request
Updated Atthe date the request was updated




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