Listing Products on noon - FAQ

Listing Products on noon - FAQ


 1- Product listing key-terms

SKUStock keeping unit. A standard identifier for a product. 
Partner SKU or PSKUThe name you give your own product. This is unique to your own catalog. 
PSKU CodeA unique identifier generated by noon for each of your Partner SKUs. You can find psku codes for all of your Partner SKU by using the Catalog export. 
The Seller SKUSeller controlled SKU.
Noon SKU   noon controlled SKU. Any new Noon SKUs that will be created will be for a noon controlled brand. However, since noon SKUs were the only way to list products until December 2021, there will still be many Noon SKUs in circulation that are not for a product with a noon controlled brand.
Parent SKU Applies to Seller SKUs - Whenever you’re creating variants you distinguish between parent and child SKUs. Parent one contains the content that applies to all the variants, such as description, feature bullets, etc. 
Child SKUApplied to Seller SKUs - Whenever you’re creating variants you distinguish between parent and child SKUs. Child one contains the content that applies to that specific variant only - for now this is only the attribute for size. 

2- What is the difference between Noon SKU and Seller SKU?

Noon SKU - limited to noon controlled brands. Noon creates and takes ownership of the content. One SKU is created that multiple sellers can use in their catalog. 

Seller SKU - For all the brands that are not controlled by noon. The seller takes ownership of the content. Only the seller that created the Seller SKU, can list it in their catalog. Even if the same product already exists on the platform, each seller has to create their own content for the listing.

3- What is the advantage of the Seller SKU? 

  • You can create your own content, either by using the spreadsheets or an intuitive template on the Seller Lab itself. 
  • You can add your own images. 
  • You can change your content anytime by adding more attributes, images or improving on your descriptions. 
  • Approval of the SKU takes up to 2 business days. 

4- Can I opt-in to using either the Seller SKUS or Noon SKUs only?

No, you cannot. The standard process of listing on noon includes a combination of both. 

5- How is this process different from the previous NIS sheets?

The main difference is in the amount of time it takes to create a listing and in who takes ownership of the content for the SKU. SKUs are now created in less than 3 business days and in most cases, the ownership of the content lies with the seller. That gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself not only on the offer, but also on the quality of the content - everything from images to descriptions. 

Seller SKU flow offers bulk creation of products here, which is similar to the previous NIS sheets with some small differences in the template. However it also supports a much more intuitive listing on a single SKU. 

The biggest change is now that instead of only using Noon SKUs, you’ll be using Seller SKUs or a combination of Seller SKUs and Noon SKUs depending on the brands that you sell. 

This is only relevant for the sellers who have used the old process. 

6- How do I know whether I have to list a product through a Noon SKU or through a Seller SKU? 

The beginning of the process is the same for both. Whether you’re creating multiple products with a spreadsheet or one, the process will guide you through the creation and will prompt you to a different flow when you’re attempting to list a product of a noon controlled brand. 

When that happens you’ll be redirected to the Brand Catalog (new feature of the cataloging process) where you’ll take the necessary next steps. You can find a guide here

7- Can I create multiple products at the same time? 

Yes, you can. You can list multiple products at once through importing an excel file, or you can use a single SKU creation process on the Seller Lab. 

8- What do I need before I start listing products on noon?

You need to be a registered seller and have access to the Seller Lab. You also need to have all the information for the product you’re trying to list and the images you’ll add to your content. 

9- Will noon generate the Arabic/English content for me? 

No, we will not. 

There are some values that have been standardized - everything with a drop down menu in the templates. These will be automatically translated from Arabic to English or English to Arabic. However, for free text values such a description and feature bullets you will have to generate the content in both languages if you so wish to. 

10- How do I list products at noon? 

If you know exactly what product you’re listing you can use the noon catalog. Look at the questions ‘Can I list a product that is already available at noon in my own catalog?’ and ‘How do I list products using Noon Catalog?‘

If you want to create a new product, then you can either do so by creating one product at a time, or multiple. 

11- Can I list a product that is already available at noon in my own catalog? 

If this product was created as a Noon SKU, yes, if as a Seller SKU, then no. 

You create an offer against an existing product using the Noon Catalog page. 

You can search the Noon Catalog using the title and brand information, or you can simply paste in the Noon SKU if you have it. You can find it by opening the noon page with the product you’re trying to list in your own catalog. In the URL, after the title, you should see an identification number that will start with either ‘N’ or ‘Z’. 

If it starts with an N that means this is a Noon SKU, and if a Z, it is a Seller SKU. 

Once you click on the product, you can create your own Partner SKU and add the price, stock and barcode information that is needed for you to be able to start selling the product.

12- What is the process of creating a new listing on Noon? 

In general, 

  1. Create the SKU content. 
  2. If rejected, troubleshoot the rejection reasons.
  3. When approved, add the price, stock, and barcode information to your SKUs. 

You can check-out the below documents for in-depth information on each of the options you have. 

  • Single SKU creation. 
  • Bulk SKU creation. 
  • Noon controlled brand SKU creation. 

13- What tools do I use to list and manage products on noon? 

Seller Lab, Catalog pages. You will be using the catalog pages. 

  • Partner Catalog
  • Noon Catalog
  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Brand Catalog
  • Brand Management

14- What is Partner Catalog? 

The Partner Catalog is a database of all of your products. You can search for your product using the Partner SKU, or Title, or noon SKU / Seller SKU code. 

Here, you can manage the following details of each product:

  • Stock quantities of cross-dock or FBN stock you currently have
  • Product price visible to customers (inclusive of VAT, fees and commission)
  • Product status (whether it is visible to our customers or not)
  • Partner SKU, barcodes, and warranty of your product.

15- What is the Noon Catalog?

The noon Catalog acts as a product database and includes all items that have ever been sold on noon. Each product in the noon Catalog comes with pictures, description, and specifications. Noon catalog allows you to search for all the existing Noon SKUs in the noon catalog and create your own offer against it. 

16- How do I list products using Noon Catalog? 

You can only list products using Noon Catalog if they already exist at noon and have been created through the Noon SKU process. 

Simply use the search bar and the brand filter to find the product that you’d want to list. Choose the product that matches your own from the search results. The product you select must be identical to the one you’d like to sell in terms of color, size, model, and brand; otherwise, your product will be rejected during the fulfillment process. 

Click on the correct product and choose a Partner SKU for the product listing in your own catalog. Add in the offer details - price, stock, barcode, and activate your products. 

Important! If you're selling using our Fulfilled by partner selling models (cross-dock or direct-ship), your product will be visible to our customers onsite, and you will start receiving orders. So, be prepared!

If you’re using the Fulfilled by noon (FBN) selling model, be sure to send your stock to our fulfillment centers once you have listed your items. When we have received the stock and it has passed our quality check, we will take your products live.

Learn more about how to transfer your FBN stock to noon here.

17- What kind of exports are available to me? 

There are multiple exports you can download from the Exports tab to help keep track of your products and prepare bulk imports:

  • Catalog: a full summary of your products and their offer details
  • Price: a template to update your prices in bulk
  • Stock: a template to update your stock quantities in bulk
  • Deal: a template to add your items to deal events

Listed below are the steps to access your exports:

  • In Catalog, click Exports 
  • Then click Add Export 
  • Select Export Type, and Export Sub-type to choose the type of export you'd like to download

The following steps detail how to export your catalog summary as an example:

  • Choose Catalog as your export type
  • Followed by Partner Catalog as your export subtype
  • Set the status to Live to download information about all of your live products
  • Pick noon as your desired marketplace

18- Can I create a new brand? 

Yes, you can. Here you can find how to do so. 

19- What are rejection reasons? 

Rejection Reasons are the comments are team gives to your content when it’s not up to our standards. They only apply to the Seller SKUs. You can learn more about the content quality and rejection reasons here

20- Can I change the content for my Partner SKU? 

You can only change the content for a Seller SKU. So the content that you created for non-noon controlled brand. You can either make changes on the Seller Lab in the content tab of an individual SKU or you can make them by using the spreadsheet import. Allow up to 3 business days for any content changes to reflect. 

The content changes will be sent to our team for approval. If they reject them, your entire content will be rejected and will show up as such on the content tab of your SKU. Check the content quality and rejection reasons article for more information. 

21- How quickly do changes I make in Seller Lab reflect on

This depends on what kind of change you’re making. 

If you’re changing the price, stock, barcode or warranty information, it should take a few minutes to reflect. Allow up to 30 minutes. This applied to both Seller and Noon SKU. 

If you’re making changes to the content of the Seller SKU, then allow up to 3 business days for our team to review the changes and approve/reject them. 

22- What is the difference between status and noon status/visibility? 

Status (active/in-active) is something you can control when deciding whether you want to actively sell the product or not. 

Visibility is a status that is a cumulation of different checks. We check if the SKU is active (if you’ve activated it or not), if it has all the needed information (price, stock, warranty, barcode, approved content, etc.), if you’re allowed to sell the product (we restrict the sale of some brands to specific partners that are legally allowed to sell those products).

If status is active and visibility is live, then your product is visible on and buyers can purchase it. If either of those is not active/live, your product will not be visible. 

23- What do I do if my product is not live?

First, you should check if you have activated the product. If under status it says inactive, you have not activated the product. 

Second, check the health tab. Open the SKU detail page (click on the Partner SKU in the Partner Catalog page) and navigate to the health tab. You should see all the reasons why your SKU is not live here. Common cases are:

  • Your content has not been approved yet. If one of the rejection reasons is ‘Product Active’ it means that our team has not approved your content. Allow for 3 business days from the time of submission for us to check. 
  • You don’t have any stock. Update that on the offer page. 
  • The price min/max range has changed and your listed price is now out of range. Update that on the offer page. 
  • You never listed the price/stock/barcode/warranty information in the first place. Check the offer tab and provide the needed information. 

You can always reach out to our Seller Support team if you have any further questions. 

24- What is the Brand Catalog tab?

Brand Catalog tab allows you to see suggestions for all the products of the noon controlled brands that you tried creating. Based on the content, it shows you the suggestions for what Noon SKU you are looking for. To learn more about the process, see this article

25- What is the Brand Management tab? 

Brand Management tab provides you an overview of all the new brands you requested and whether they were approved or not. It also allows you to search through the current brands to see if the one you’re looking for is already available or not. To learn how to request for a new brand, click here

26- Can I create variants with my SKUS?

Yes for Seller SKU, no for Noon SKU. 

That’s it!


Got more questions? 

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