Single SKU creation

Single SKU creation


The cataloging process is designed to help you quickly create your products at noon and have them go live within 3 business days. It gives sellers control and ownership over the content of their products and allows for flexibility in the way SKUs are created. The cataloging process at noon distinguishes between a Noon SKU and a Seller SKU.  

SKU Creation

- Click on the three line on the top left corner of the screen. Then select Catalog and click Partner Catalog.  Now click Add Product from top right.

Add Category

Start by selecting the correct category for your Seller SKU. If you’re unsure what the category of your product is, find a similar product on and paste to URL in the search bar. This will automatically give you the category of the selected product. Check out this article for more information on the categorization of SKUs. 

- On Partner Catalog, start by selecting your product category.


Add Brand

Use the search bar to find the brand of the product. If your brand does not yet exist, click on the link to create a new brand when prompted. If you’re selling a product without a brand, simply choose ‘generic’ as the brand.

- Select your Brand from the brands’ drop down menu.


If you’re trying to list a product from a noon controlled brand, you will
see a noon catalog pop-up as the next step. Refer to this article on how
to list noon controlled brand products in your catalog.

Create Partner SKU

Choose a unique identifier for the SKU. Partner SKU is unique to your catalog and won’t appear for any other sellers.

- Add your PSKU: a unique code to identify and track a specific product. Then click Submit.


Once you create the fundamental attributes of your products, you will be redirected to the content creation page. 


Learn more about content creation guidelines.

Once added, the fundamental attributes of a product can't be edited. If the seller
has made a mistake while adding their product content, they'd have to delete
the product and list it again using the correct description.
Lean more about how to delete products from your partner catalog.

Creating the content

A rich product description will add more reliability to your products, and will help our customers make an informed buying decision. Once you fill up the content page, our team will review it and approve it or reject it if it doesn’t reach our standards. Check what good quality means for Seller SKUs.
The minimum requirements for the Seller SKU to go live are: 
  • Title - learn more about the good practices of creating titles here
  • Mandatory attributes
  • Image(s)


 The required attributes on the listing page will vary depending on the category/taxonomy of the product. 

You can use the filter to only display the mandatory attributes. Learn more about the mandatory attributes and what mistakes to avoid here

The mandatory attributes (including the title) must be provided both in English and Arabic. If you’re choosing values from drop down menus they’ll be automatically translated, however, for the free text fields (either optional or mandatory) such Title, Description, you will have to provide the translation yourself. 

You can also select to fill the important attributes which will help to ease the process to search and discover the product.

- Add your products details


- The mandatory description must be provided in either English, Arabic or in both English and Arabic as per your convenience. To check the language requirement please refer to this article.


Add good quality images to your product. Learn more about the image requirements here

All the pictures should match the product description in order for the item to go live.

Once you upload the images you can crop and resize them. Ensure that your first image has a white background and that the product is fully visible and covers as much of the area as possible. 


 You can check the progress of your content using the completeness bar on the right side of the screen. 

mceclip5.pngThe progress will update every time you click ‘Save Changes’.


For the SKU to go live, provided that your content is approved by our team, you need to reach a 100% in the mandatory attributes section and need a checkmark next to the image status. 

Once your mandatory attributes are at 100% and your images are uploaded, your content will be submitted to our team to examine the quality of the content. Learn more about that here

Allow for up to 3 business days for our team to arrive at a conclusion. 

You can track progress using the status above the completeness bar.
  • Pending - our team is still reviewing the content or not enough content has been updated yet. 
  • Approved - it’s been accepted
  • Rejected - you need to make some changes to reach the noon standards of content quality. Refer to the rejection reasons below the status to correct the mistakes. 
Note: even if you list products through the spreadsheet import, you’ll
be able to track their status one-by-one. Simply look for the partner
SKU in the Partner Catalog tab. 


Once you’ve completed the content, you only need to add your offer information. 

Navigate to the Offer tab (next to the Content one).

In the offer tab, fill in the below listed details:

  • Price

  • Stock and processing time (If you adopt the sell as Fulfilled By Partner operational models) for more information in regards to selling models click here

  • Barcode 

  • Warranty if applicable

You can choose to wait for your content to be approved before you fill out this information, or you can fill it out while you wait for the approval. 


 Seller SKU going live 

For the Seller SKU to go live on, you need the following: 
  • Approved content
  • Correct offer information, which includes stock, price, barcode and warranty.  

Once you've added all your product description, save the changes, and your product will be submitted for review and approval by noon. Within three (3) business days on average your product will either be approved and ready to go live, or you'll receive a request to edit it. You can then edit the product and submit it again for review and approval.

You can use the Health tab (next to the Content one) to monitor the state of your SKU. When the SKU is live it will give you helpful metrics such as buy box win percentage to track the success of the SKU, and when it’s not live, it will show you the reasons for which it is not.  


Some of the commons reasons are: 

  • Product Active or Product not Active: it means your product has not been approved by our team yet. 
  • Offer is Gated: it means you’re not allowed to sell this product. Reach out to our seller support team for more information. 
  • Stock Check: means that the stock is not available: you have run out of stock, update that information. 

If you are unable to understand the listing rejection reason or if you're facing any other issues with the listing, you can request help by clicking "Need Support? Reach Out to Us", then you can select the reason of your concern and a representative will get in touch with you at the earliest.



That's it!


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