Product Listing Policy

Product Listing Policy


SKU Content Policy

We have two types of processes to list your products:

1. Noon SKU (NSKU): This is applicable for all noon-controlled branded products where the content is created by you and managed and modified by noon. You can’t modify or delete these SKUs once created. The ownership of content lies with noon and noon reserves the right to modify or delete such SKUs. Such SKUs are provided with unique identification numbers starting with “N” and are referred to as NSKUs. You can copy or map against any existing NSKU where you can just map your SKU against any existing NSKU and continue selling.

2. Partner SKU (ZSKU): This is for all kinds of products other than noon-controlled products. You need to create the content of such products by yourself and noon will approve the content post scrutiny. You will be in full control of the content of these kinds of SKUs and can list and modify the content at your discretion. Any product listed under partner SKU will be given a unique identification number starting with “Z” and referred to as ZSKUs. You need to refer to this unique number during any interaction related to this product with noon.

Content listing guidelines

You need to follow the standard guidelines for listing products on our platform. noon can reject your listing requests if these requirements are not met. Please refer to the below guidelines:

Listing process

You can list your products on our platform by logging in to your “noon Partners” account and you can create your products by:

  1. Listing single SKUs at a time
  2. Listing SKUs in bulk

Alternatively, you can also simplify SKU content creation by using the following methods:

  1. Seller SKU content export for content modifications in bulk.
  2. Seller SKU quick copy of the content for color variations
  3. Creating product variations: adding sizes, colors, and other attributes.

Catalog Management

You can see all the created SKUs on your “noon Partners” platform account. Please refer to the noon catalog article for more details. Below are some helpful links to manage your catalog:

Brand Catalog

The listing process for branded products is different from that of non-branded products. If you are trying to list a new brand that is not available on noon platform, you first need to create the brand and then list the products. 

Brand Creation

You list a new brand by registering your brand on our website. Please refer to the brand creation guidelines before you start the process, to avoid rejections.

1. Brand registration requests will only be accepted if the requested brand
doesn’t exist on our platform.
2. noon reserves the right to accept or reject your brand creation request.
3. Ensure to submit all relevant brand-supportive documents, as requested.
4. You should be authorized to sell the products of the brand.

Content creation of branded SKUs

Once you have created your brand you can create SKUs of the brand by following the below methods:

1. Mapping against existing branded SKUs

2. Uploading NIS template for the branded SKUs that doesn’t exist on our platform.

Please note that NSKU will be created against all noon-controlled brands and you need to request NSKU creation if your branded SKU doesn’t exist on our platform.

Brand Gating

Some brands are controlled by noon and only approved sellers are allowed to sell such gated brands. Please refer create a new product of noon controlled brand document to understand more about SKU creation process of such brands. Products under the Apple brand should follow the mentioned guidelines in the document Listing Apple products with noon

The sellers who are whitelisted are only allowed to sell the gated brands. You can apply for whitelisting, however, noon reserves the right to accept or reject your application. You may be asked to share one or all of the below listed documents before we consider your application. The whitelisting decision of noon will be final and binding. This list of documents includes but is not limited to: 

  1. Seller undertaking 
  2. VAT certificate
  3. Distribution authorization agreement
  4. Proof of purchase/ signed and stamped invoice
  5. Import license 
  6. Govt. regulatory body certificate
  7. Manufacturer permit/ certificate

Product Go-Live Conditions

Listing a product on our platform doesn’t automatically make the products eligible to be live on our platform. To ensure that your product goes live on our platform: 

  1. Get your content QC approved
  2. Update your price and stock as per the policy and guidelines
  3. Map a Pbarcode number against each SKU
  4. Get yourself whitelisted if the brand is gated
  5. Your warehouse (WH) is created and approved (for FBP model only). 
  6. For bulky products create separate WH (FBP only) and get it approved.

Prohibited Items Policy

At noon, our goal is to provide customers with a wide selection of high-quality products that enhance their daily lives. You can offer a diverse range of products for sale on noon, with the exception of those listed and not limited to in the document What is allowed to sell on noon, and those that are prohibited by the government of the country we operate in.

Duplicate SKU Policy

It’s prohibited to create duplicate listing of the same SKU on our platform. Ensure you check your partner catalog page thoroughly before you create any new SKU, to ensure zero duplication. Once found, noon may decide to delist the duplicate listing or your entire partner catalog. We may also decide to restrict or withdraw your seller rights on our platform.

Price min-max Policy

Determining competitive product prices is key to maximizing your sales. On the other hand, making mistakes while allocating prices to your products on Seller Lab can have a big impact on your revenue. Therefore, all SKUs come with a price min-max thresholds to protect customer and your experience. Please refer to the document Determining Your Prices - noon SKU Min & Max for more information.

API Integration

noon provides support in automatic price and stock update on our platform. You can upload stock and price by opting into by following steps mentioned in the Secure file transfer protocol activation document. Please follow the guidelines mentioned in the  Secure file transfer protocol guidelines.


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